Cell Phone Wahala?

Don’t just repair it, Asuture It!

Do not just repair it, Asuture It!

For cell phone repair, we understand the heartache and frustration that comes when something happens to your cell phone. The thought of losing your data, pics, contacts, and access to everything is scary. We are here to help recover everything that’s important to you. Welcome to Asuture Cell Phone Repair and Accessories. Meet our team of skilled and genius technicians. You are in the right hands.

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AdwenPa KoutureAdwenPa Kouture
17:36 21 Jun 23
We did not have to buy new phones. They fixed three company phones that had different problems. It saved us a whole lot of money. They are excellent!
Jessica OkolieJessica Okolie
16:01 21 Jun 23
I encourage you all to repair your phone at his shop because he is the best 😘amongst all and he got you covered. 💜💯💯
tony jnrtony jnr
00:29 21 Jun 23
what he can't repair doesn't exist.
Nataki K.Nataki K.
07:18 14 Jun 23
Asuture and George are lifesavers. I'm from Washington, DC, and I have a Samsung S20. I was visiting from Accra to Cape Coast on a business trip. We went swimming, and surprisingly, my phone did not get wet from the pool, but it did get wet from the rainstorm that hit.The battery started expanding and breaking through the back cover of my cell phone because water got in the back. The battery got so swollen it cracked the cover, and my phone stopped working. I didn't even know it could happen that batteries could swell like that.I am a management consultant and can run my whole company from my phone while traveling. I panicked because everything was on my phone, all my business apps, contacts, work access accounts, banking authentication tools, project management tools, and everything.I didn't know cell phone surgery was a thing, either. George disassembled it and kept the phone overnight.He used special tools to dry it out and compress the battery. He also ensured some electrical strip that makes the phone work wasn't damaged. He put it all back together, and my phone came back on. I didn't lose anything.I'm super thankful. George of Asuture was super nice, friendly, and knowledgeable and did everything he promised.The average repair tech in Ghana seems completely untrained and breaks your phone worse because they do not know what they are doing. I can tell Asuture expert techs are highly trained. Since then, my phone has dropped and got damaged in other ways. I always take it to him when I am in Cape Coast on business or at their Kaneshie location in Accra. I will do a review for both locations. These guys are lifesavers, and I refer them to everyone.
Eric YeboahEric Yeboah
04:33 12 Jun 23
I’m Eric, my phone which is iPhone 6s screen got broken and went to Asuture to repair. Within some few minutes the guy George was done, he did a marvelous work. My phone’s screen looked like it hasn’t broken before.Since the screen was broken, the phone touch part did not work. My passcode was entered many times so it got disabled. He help me by flashing it for me.Now, I can use my phone without any problems.

Asuture Top 10 most requested cell phone repairs

for clients with broken cell phones, smart phones, devices, or tablets.

Cell Phone repair troubleshooting components

Cracked or shattered screen

Small cracks, big cracks, and shattered screens all have the potential to immobilize your phone and leave you stuck. For cell phone repair of cracked screens we can repair or replace screens damaged from drops and direct hits.

Battery replacement

Batteries lose strength over time. At best your phone stops working. At worst it can irreparably damage your device, cause total data loss, dangerously overheat or explode, threatening your personal safety.

Water damage

Accidental exposure to water or other liquids can cause significant damage to a phone's internal components, necessitating repair. Need cell phone repair? We can perform a device surgery to ensure parts and software have the best chance of recovery.

Charging port issues

Problems with the charging port, such as a loose connection or inability to charge, are really frustrating. We can diagnose whether it is the port or battery and perform repairs as required.

Lockouts & Access Security

Are you locked out of your phone? We have expert tools to verify your identity and get you back in your phone or tablet.

Camera repair or replacement

A damaged camera module can prevent you from taking pics or make your pic blurry or distorted. We'll diagnose and repair the problem.

Speaker or microphone issues

Are you struggling to hear each other on calls or voice chats? Your speakers or microphones may need tweaking so calls and phone audio can play normally. Bring it in and we will identify the best options for your audio.

Software issues

Operating system glitches, app crashes, or other software-related problems may require troubleshooting or reinstallation of the software.

Back panel or casing replacement

Damage to the phone's back panel or casing, such as cracks or scratches, may can expose your phone to water, dust, or debris damage. We'll fix it before it causes software or structural integrity issues.

Lockouts & Access Security

If you catch it early, button issues can be a quick fix. It is more expensive and risky to wait till faulty buttons make your phone unresponsive.

Cell Phone Repair Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common issues is a cracked or shattered screen, which occurs when the phone’s display gets damaged due to drops or impacts.
When a smartphone battery deteriorates and loses its capacity, a battery replacement is often required.
Accidental exposure to water or other liquids can cause water damage, which can lead to significant damage to a phone’s internal components, requiring repair.
Problems with the charging port, such as a loose connection or inability to charge, often require repair or replacement.
Faulty or unresponsive power buttons or volume buttons are common issues that users encounter, leading to the need for repairs.
If the camera module becomes damaged, users may require repairs to restore the functionality of their phone’s camera.
Faulty speakers or microphones can impact call quality and audio playback, necessitating repairs to ensure proper functionality.
Operating system glitches, app crashes, or other software-related problems may require troubleshooting or reinstallation of the software.
In devices with physical home buttons, these buttons may become unresponsive or faulty, requiring repair or replacement.

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