George Adade

Cell Phone Repair Technician at Asuture
Cell Phone Repair & Accessories (Stationed at the Cape Coast University Kiosk)

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Hi, I am George Adade, I moved to Cape Coast from Accra after Asuture recruited me to be an expert cell phone repair tech. You can find me at the Asuture Cell Phone and Accessories kiosk on the University of Cape Coast campus.


Six times I received the honor of Employee of the Month at Asuture Global for repairing people’s phones right the first time with almost no callbacks. 


I love being able to help students, faculty, and the surrounding community with their cell phone repair issues. Due to my passion for technology fuels my meticulous approach to repairing various mobile devices. I find great satisfaction in helping customers, who often approach me with a variety of emotions, from frustration to worry, about their malfunctioning devices. Assuring them of my commitment to resolving their issues is the cornerstone of my customer service philosophy.

My professional skill set encompasses the diagnosis and repair of an array of cell phone models, such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel, to name a few. I’ve honed my expertise in both hardware and software troubleshooting techniques, enabling me to proficiently address concerns relating to charging ports, battery performance, camera functionality, and audio issues. In addition, my proficiency extends to performing software upgrades, data recovery, and malware removal, ensuring the optimal performance of any device entrusted to me.

Cell Phone Repair Specialities

Equally important, one of the highlights of my repair repertoire includes my precision in replacing damaged screens, digitizers, and LCDs, bringing new life to devices that seemed irreparable. Furthermore, I specialize in iPhone repairs, Samsung, and foreign-sold phone repairs. Also, water damage, battery replacements, and lockouts are frequent problems. Then, I am also sought after for speaker and microphone repairs ensuring that each device I mend retains crystal-clear audio quality. Battery replacements and optimization helps extend the device’s lifespan. Customers really love this service.

In addition, unlocking devices and resolving software lockouts, repairing water damage, including drying, cleaning, and component replacement, and fixing camera-related problems such as focus issues, lens replacements, and sensor calibration are repairs I do daily. These are all part of the comprehensive services I perform as a team member Asuture.

Cutomer Service

Even more than being a Certified Expert in Mobile Device Repairs, I make it a priority to stay abreast of the latest industry advancements and best practices. My fascination with emerging technologies drives me to incorporate innovative solutions into the repair processes. I think this is what ultimately enhances the quality of my work.


Above all, my commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is unwavering. I strive to ensure customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships with each person who entrusts their device to me, knowing that I will diligently work to restore their connection to the digital world.

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